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RU - High quality measurement equipment allows DAFRAM to collect reliable test data, that ensure a predictable behaviour of the valve in every working condition. Once known the customers’ specification in terms of fluid characteristic, expected flow temperatures, pressure levels and mass flow rates DAFRAM can develop a control valve that perfectly meets the process configuration.
Both benches ensure DAFRAM a complete design validation of control valves and an extremely accurate connection between tests and calculation results.

DAFRAM S.p.A. is a specialized manufacturer of high quality ball valves for Chemical, Petrochemical, Oil&Gas, Power Generation, both for ON-OFF and PRESSURE & FLOW CONTROL applications.

As a consequence of continuous product development, DAFRAM’s workshop has constantly being renewed. It utilizes the most advanced manufacturing technologies in valve components machining, drilling and testing.
In addition to the two dynamic benches designed to evaluate the valves control capabilities, both vertical and horizontal testing machines allow DAFRAM’s production to be 100% tested, controlled and certified before leaving our plant.
Standard control testing is performed according to IEC 60534. ON-OFF testing meets the requirements of BS 6755, API 6D, API 6DSS, API 6A and API 598. Other testing specifications or procedures may be followed upon customer request.


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