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logo saudi aramcoDAFRAM is pleased to announce to have been qualified Approved Supplier by Saudi Aramco for Top-entry and Side-entry API 6A & API 6D ball valves, Multiport Selector Valve MSV and Twin Ball Valves.


Supplier Reference Number: 10000390

controlvalvesizing news  

DAFRAM in collaboration with TRE P Engineering has developed a web tool (based on IEC 60534 - Industrial process control valves international standards) through which end users, engineering companies and valve specialists can approach the sizing of control valves. The web page (www.controlvalvesizing.eu) is presented as a classic data sheet for control valves, in which the main operating parameters requested for the specific application could be entered as an input. In a few seconds a response about the different types of DAFRAM Control Valves that can satisfy the requirements of the process is given as an output.

This is to be considered as a first approach to the use of DAFRAM control valves, the further step will be a direct contact with DAFRAM technical and sales engineers to thoroughly study the best solution for each customer’s application.


DAFRAM control valves range consists exclusively of top quality trunnion mounted ball valves for high performance and critical applications with special configurations, size 1” to 48”, 150 lbs to 4500 lbs, PN10 to PN450, 2000 psi to 15000 psi, side entry, top-entry, full and reduced bore, in carbon steel, stainless steel, nickel and exotic alloys.

Due to a very large flow passage DAFRAM control ball valves can grant high flow coefficients compared to other valve types. Thanks to their operating principle, quarter-turn ball valves are able to control fluid flow at very small openings and to open at high differential pressure. They are also able to maintain low fluid velocity thus lower noise and vibration to the pipeline. In addition, control ball valves allow tight and fast shut-off in case of emergency.

DAFRAM control valves assure excellent flow characteristic and provide accurate, reliable control in a wide range of applications, such as chemical, power and oil, both on gas and liquid service.

Both design and testing are performed by DAFRAM qualified engineers using dedicated software and hardware tools, Finite Element Analysis and Computational Fluid Dynamics for both structural and fluid dynamic design validation. Advanced calculation software and hardware allow to predict the valves flow characteristics in terms of pressure drop, flow velocity and risk of cavitation.

In order to better set the mathematical model, DAFRAM, in collaboration with 3P Engineering, has provided advanced testing equipment to test valve prototypes. A first bench was specifically designed to work with water, therefore the valve Cv can be measured as per main international standards (i.e. IEC 60534). A second loop was developed to test valves with a gaseous flow in order to evaluate sound pressure level generated in operation.

DAFRAM developed a proprietary calculation software for valve sizing and valve behaviour prediction; this special tool is based on CFD calculation data and on the mathematical model validation obtained through intensive loop testing sessions that allowed a refined setting of the virtual model for each trim configuration.


Ball Room 1,
Intercontinental Hotel,
Kuala Lumpur

DAFRAM spa wants to thank all the People who joined to Technical Seminar organized at “Intercontinental Hotel” in Kuala Lumpur on September the 2nd.
It has been a fantastic day and really the perfect chance to introduce new DAFRAM products like Multiport Selector Valve, Remote Valve Diagnosis & Flow Control Ball Valve, to the most important Engineering Companies & EPCs.
Thanks for your attendance that has been far away our best expectations and thanks also for your queries those will help us to improve our products in order to fulfil your technical & operational requirements.

DAFRAM spa wants also to thank our local Partner, Peninsular Offshore Systems, for the superb job done to organize this event at best and our Sister Company, 3P Engineering, for their support and help during the Seminar.

We hope all the Attendees have appreciated our efforts and willingness to supply products & services that can help to reduce costs and increase safety & reliability of operations both in off-shore and on-shore environmental.



bp qualificationDAFRAM is pleased to announce to have been qualified Approved Supplier by BP and therefore to be inserted now into the BP's Approved Vendor List.

Supplier Reference Number: 6053998


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