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DAFRAM considers its Human Resources and surrounding territory as stakeholders for the whole Company. Therefore human and environment care together with a sustainable and responsible growth have always been DAFRAM priorities. This attention and understanding is clearly shown through important periodic investments in spaces, plants, equipments and training in order to guarantee people safety and health and respect for surrounding environment and ecosystem.
Since 2008 DAFRAM is equipped with a photovoltaic installation on the plant rooftop: it develops about 700 kWh and it is able to cover a large part of production site’s energy consumption needs.

R & D

Five years ago Research & Development Department was created inside DAFRAM Company as a group of young engineers who have the task of studing and testing new materials and processes in order to improve Dafram valve quality and performance. Special attention is dedicated to simulation of critical service conditions on prototypes.

What we do

DAFRAM manufacturing plant is equipped with machines covering the complete valve production range; special machines are dedicated to the production of all the valve components and the whole construction process is executed in DAFRAM plant.

Because of continuous product development and modernization, DAFRAM’s workshop is continuously being renewed. It utilises the most advanced computerized manufacturing technologies in valve components machining, drilling and testing.

DAFRAM Quality Assurance System was certified for the first time in 1988 by RINA. Today the whole DAFRAM ball valves design, manufacturing and testing process is covered by a quality assurance program certified and continuously audited by accredited inspection authorities in accordance with:

What we do

DAFRAM's engineering department is continually working to innovate, refine and improve products. Our engineers can work with the most advanced software applications such as Autocad, Pro-Engineer, Pro-Mechanica.

These advanced software applications are combined in Dafram with an extensive experience of more than 50 years in critical applications in the chemical, oil, gas and refining industries to design superior quality valves able to meet the most demanding performance requirements of our customers.


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